Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time Ticks By So Slowly...So Slowly

The thing that's starting to get me about being unemployed is all the time.  The minutes, hours, days, and even weeks start to blur.  There's not enough tv programmed to fill all the time.  Its like being in stasis, but being aware that you're in stasis. 

Of course in our market economy it's almost a deadly sin to be an adult and not be involved in some sort of production.  Heaven forbid I just sit and read for leisure or write just because.  It's the way we're programmed and it's hard a hell to undo the programming. 

If I posted a list of what I did everyday it would be a very short list.  And I'm starting to become not so ashamed of that.  Not ashamed for other people to know it, but for me to admit it to myself.  A very strange thing to fight for independence from yourself.  Wait, that last sentence was inspired by the movie I'm watching, Black Swan lol.  Yeah, 1:39 am and I'm still up watching tv.  Now the routine and I'm starting to like it...again.  :-)

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