Monday, August 6, 2012

I don't know about you but I absolutely love the summer Olympics. Since I've been old enough to understand what they are I've always been excited to see them. From beginning to end I watch everyday without fail, recording (now dvr-ing) my favorite events. So, here are my impressions so far.

Opening Ceremony in London, Eng:

Yeahhhhh, not the best. Beijing was a hard act to follow, no doubt. With all the culture and ethnic groups represented showing their individual and collective heritage. And then here comes London doing an homage to Mary Poppins. That was a movie, not a real person nor a historical event. On the bright side I really liked the depiction of the Industrial Revolution. My favorite by far was Mr. Bean doing the scene from the movie From Here to Eternity lol AND how wonderfully ethnic was the little montage about the two kids meeting at a rave type party, getting together, and then having a house party at the girl's house? Great job with those parts. Overall though, I yawned more than I ohhed and ahhed.

Olympic Events that boggle my mind:
Handball - at first i thought it was like the game they play in's not. they might as well call this basketsoccerball. watching this after 10 minutes almost killed my spirit.

Badminton - uh, these folks are hard core. I had to turn when I saw the women players wiping sweat off their heads and then flicking a handful of body fluid over toward the sideline. almost spit up my cereal.

Indoor field hockey - ...

Kayaking - i just don't enjoy it. which is odd because i really like watching the rowing competition.

Sailing and Yachting - see Kayaking rationale

Shooting - why is this an Olympic event? really, somebody tell me.

Water Polo - handball in the water. why? I mean, I appreciate the men in those speedos and all, just like the next gal but I still don't get it.

Synchronized Anything - I recognize the skill it takes to do almost anything in exact tandem. I just would rather not watch it.

Olympic Events I've seen for the first time and liked:
Archery - loved it! I was HORRIBLE at this in high school gym class but I really liked watching it.

Rowing - this isn't really the first time I've watched it, but it's the first time I've paid attention. I love rowing. makes me wanna find a row machine immediately. where can I go rowing in Northwest Indiana (NWI)? Don't say the little Calumet!

Olympic Events that are my absolute faves:
Women's and Men's Gymnastics (in that order)
Men's and Women's Basketball (")
Women's Volleyball (not men's at all)
Women's Doubles Tennis (YOU know why!)

Best Olympic Name Ever:
Nadia Com─âneci - can't help but say that with an Eastern European accent

Track & Field is on now and the obsession continues!


  1. Is it just me, or after watching the women's gymnastics do you feel the unending urge to stand tall, hands in the air in the "sticking-the-landing" pose? I've been doing this for at least a week now. Maybe I'll end my classes like this in fall.

  2. even should begin the semester that way, claiming victory from jump. :-)

  3. lol handball killed your spirit :-P